We provide comprehensive Outplacement Services.  These can be conducted individually, or in a group, depending on your requirements.

Our Outplacement Services assist your organisation with:

  • Maintaining a professional image and reputation before, during and after the redundancy process;
  • Easing the trauma and distress caused by redundancy;
  • Recognising the contributions that redundant employees have made to your company;
  • Maintaining the morale of other employees; and
  • Assisting Employees to make a career transition.


Our Individual Outplacement Service offer companies a complete employee career transition program and provides personalised guidance and support for employees.

Our Outplacement Services are tailored to suit the needs of individuals and include:

  • One-on-One time with one of our leading outplacement consultants;
  • Interview & Screening Techniques and Coaching including roleplays;
  • Comprehensive CV re-write;
  • Career Advice and information on current market;
  • Guidance with Negotiating Salary; and
  • Follow up phone consultation by appointment

Click here for detailed information on our Platinum Package.


Our Group Outplacement Service will assist a larger group of employees, in a workshop style session.

We are happy to tailor sessions to your requirements, although here are some of the training workshops we currently offer:

How to Create a Stand-out Resume & Cover Letter:

  • Writing your Personal statement
  • What to include in your resume
  • What to exclude from your resume
  • Correct formatting
  • Find your stand-out skills and highlight them
  • Highlight your achievements

Preparing for an Interview:

  • What are the different styles of interview techniques Behavioural/STAR
  • Channelling nervous energy
  • What to avoid answering during your interview
  • How to appropriately answer questions
  • Appropriate questions
  • How to leave a lasting impression

The workshops can cater for up to 8 people, for a five hour duration. Call us to discuss your requirements and pricing options.

Offering an Outplacement Service to your Employees is a way of saying ‘WE CARE ABOUT YOUR WELL-BEING’.

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