A professional member (or members) of our team can be positioned at  your premises and can comprehensively manage your demobilisation process, tailored to your requirements. When you engage our services, you can be assured that you are getting an experienced professional that will be more cost effective than you hiring your own employee to manage this process.

You may only need our services for three weeks, three days a week, for three days or three hours a day; we can fit around your business needs, whatever they may be. Our arrangements remain fully flexible, as we understand that your requirements will change.

We can assist your business with:

Project movement

Your business requirements will change from time to time, and you may be required to move workers from one contract or site to another. Contract or site requirements differ from one to the next, and out team can be there to manage all of this for you.


A re-structure can be required for varying reasons, so please be assured for this reason, our team are always sensitive to your needs sensitive to your business needs, and also the needs of your staff.

Our team can aid your business by providing information on the options for restructuring, the methodology for the selection of employees in the restructuring process, costs and payments that can be expected in restructuring, the timing of restructuring and the retention and motivation of the remaining workforce.

Our team members can manage communication for necessary recipients, whether it be face-to-face or written communications. We understand that communication is key to the future success of your business.


When you need to reduce cost in your business, redundancies can be an outcome. Prior to redundancies, we explore and discuss alternatives with you.  We provide expert consultation in this area, as we know that for businesses to continue productively, they need to be dealt with in a sensitive manner to maintain the morale of remaining staff. We can also assist with Outplacement Services for your staff.

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