After 30 years at the helm of leading recruitment firm, Priority Appointments, founder Lee Kamil shares the secrets to her success

Don’t go out on your own, you’ll never last.
These prevailing words of “wisdom” were drummed into me when I set up my recruitment company, Priority Appointments, 30 years ago.
Thank heavens I was way too headstrong to listen to the naysayers of 1989.
Boldly blazing my own trail has enabled me to survive and thrive when recessions and the Global Financial Crisis decimated many others.

Running your own business for three decades is a significant milestone.
As someone who started out against the odds and has typically never looked back, I now find myself taking stock of the seismic shifts that have shaped the corporate world which Priority Appointments continues to service.

It’s hard to fathom I once catalogued clients’ details on cards and stored them in filing cabinets, email was yet to be adopted in my office, landlines and fax machines were king and lugging a big brick of a mobile phone to meetings helped prove you were the most valuable player in the boardroom.

Job search engines didn’t exist (until the sound of dial-up modems became the soundtrack to our lives) and the advent of social media was light years away.
When crystal ball gazers speculated the world wide web would render people like me redundant, I was proud to prove them wrong. I still am.

Technology simply helps streamline the multi-faceted recruitment process. It’s even enabled my firm to have a global presence and source the best talent from around the world.
Computers and algorithms will never replace the fact that dealing with human beings and their emotions is at the core of what I do.

It doesn’t matter if I’m speaking to someone via Skype, FaceTime or face-to-face, the psychological processes that underpin each interview are equally intense.

It’s my job to determine if a candidate is the right cultural fit for an organisation and, after three decades of people watching, I can tell you I’ve seen it all. Even in a single occupational group like accountants, I’ve encountered thousands of different types.

Work ethics, mannerisms, ambition, personal grooming and ability to work in a team are just a smattering of the things that differentiate individuals from each other. No one is cut from the same cloth.

People are much more complex than their qualifications suggest. That’s why I don’t view myself as a human resources/personnel consultant. When it comes to assessing if someone is the right person for any job, my skillset best resembles a detective’s.

I meet with prospective employees, dissect their CVs and reference check like you wouldn’t believe.

First I dig, then I dig deeper and, depending on what I discover, I keep on digging.
Obtaining official copies of each candidate’s qualifications is one of the first things I do. Even in today’s digital age, some people still try to stretch the truth.

Good, old-fashioned detective work, coupled with my legendary sixth sense, helps me weed out the wannabes from the winners.

While word of mouth references will always rule the day, in my opinion, the digital footprints people carelessly leave in various iClouds can become barriers to landing a dream job.
“The future lies before you, like a field of fallen snow; be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.”
I heard this saying a lot while I was growing up and it rings truer than even when you look at how people conduct themselves on social media.
Employers care about this. So do I, and I leave no stone unturned.

Countless applications are killed off in cyberspace. Consider this before asking anyone to punt on you professionally.
I certainly won’t put my reputation at risk by recommending someone who refuses to grasp how their online conduct influences their professional prospects.

Some assumed I’d shut up shop when online job hunting sites and platforms such as LinkedIn flooded the market, but every electronic interaction requires a human connection for the real magic to happen.

We might have to learn new software packages and upgrade our systems regularly, but ostensibly the human touch hasn’t changed.

It’s a privilege to be the conduit between job seekers and employers. I never tire of connecting the right people with the best opportunities.

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We cover a wide range of Accounting sector positions including however not limited to the following:

Financial Controller, Group Accountant, Management Accountant, Financial Accountant, Corporate Accountant, Project Accountant, Cost Accountant, Joint Venture Accountant, Operations Accountant, Book keeper, Credit Manager, Credit Controller, Cost Controller, Accounts Receivable Officer, Payroll Manager, Payroll Officer, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Accounts Payable Officer

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We cover a wide range of Human Resources & Health, Safety and Environmental sector positions including however not limited to the following:

Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Advisor, Human Resources Administrator, Learning & Development Manager, Learning & Development Advisor, Trainer, Facilitator, Training Administrator, Industrial Relations Manager, Industrial Relations Specialist, HSE Manager, HSE Advisor, HSE Systems Advisor, HSE Administrator, OHS Manager, OHS Advisor, OHS Administrator, Environmental Manager, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Advisor, Environmental Approvals Officer, Recruitment Manager, Recruitment Advisor, Recruitment Administrator

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We cover a wide range of Sales, Marketing, Communications & Digital sector positions including however not limited to the following:

Head of Digital, Sales Director, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Support Officer, Sales Administrator, Digital Communications Manager, Communications Manager, Communications Coordinator, Corporate Affairs Manager, Corporate Affairs Advisor, Digital Marketing Officer, Digital Content Officer, Social Media Manager, Social Media Strategist, Digital Project Manager, Digital Features Writer, Producer, Marketing Manager, Marketing Officer, Marketing Assistant, Advertising Account Manager, Advertising Account Executive

Administration & Office Support

We cover a wide range of Administration & Office Support sector positions including however not limited to the following:

Corporate Services Manager, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Project Secretary, Project Administrator, Secretary, Team Assistant, Administration Assistant, Receptionist, Data Entry Operator, Office Junior


We cover a wide range of Construction sector positions including however not limited to the following:

Project Director, Project Manager, Site Manager, Site Supervisor, Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Advisor, Project Administrator

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